By Randy Tate

The more people who visit the U.S. from authoritarian or semi-tyrannical regimes, the more they love America.

And the less they understand the ingrates, fools, and brainwashed who think America is some fascist country with no rights.

One of the grateful is Austin Tong, who was attending Fordham University.

Until they essentially kicked him off campus because he dared to post a picture to his social media account of himself holding a very legal rifle.

Oh, and a picture of a retired St. Louis police captain who’s black life didn’t matter.

These are major violations of the university’s intolerance policies. Now Tong, a senior, must bend a knee and acknowledge his liberty-minded ways were ‘wrong’ and ‘misguided.’

Otherwise, he’s out.

Well, he isn’t bending a knee. And he’s not letting the tyrants at Fordham get away with it.

Tong updated his situation during an appearance Wednesday with NewsmaxTV:

Is this young man way off-base or does he have a better grip on our constitutionally recognized freedoms than the commies at Fordham U? Tell us below!

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