By Duncan Smith

He’s celebrated by the Left because he’s often been at odds with President Trump regarding the federal government’s coronavirus response.

But he’s celebrated as being the No. 1 expert on the COVID-19 pandemic.

He held up as superior to the president in every way regarding coronavirus policies because he’s never wrong.

In reality, Dr. Anthony Fauci has seldom been right. About anything regarding the virus.

One America’s Liz Wheeler took at look at Fauci’s record after he said earlier this week that New York, of all places, was a shining example of how to handle coronavirus ‘the right way.’

How wrong is that? And how wrong was Fauci all along? Let Liz count the ways.

Watch her now:

What do you think of Dr. Fauci — is he an expert or a bureaucrat trying to hurt President Trump? Comment below!

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