By Duncan Smith

You may have noticed that one of the Left’s favorite new schemes born of the coronavirus pandemic is the creation of so-called ‘contact tracers.’

These are people empowered to track those who have tested positive for the virus.

Track them, as in, know their whereabouts at all times, for at least two weeks.

They also hold the power to ensure that anyone who even comes in contact with a coronavirus patient must self-quarantine for two weeks, even if they don’t have the virus.

That’s the kind of state power used in places like China, the former Soviet Union, and other Marxist/Communist regimes.

It’s not supposed to happen to Americans.

We don’t ‘contact trace’ for any other virus or disease, so why are we doing it for COVID?

One America News’ Liz Wheeler and a guest provide great discussion and insight into this incredibly unconstitutional abuse of power.

Watch now:

What are your thoughts about contact tracing — should we be doing it, or is it one of the most illegal things you’ve ever heard of? Comment below!

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