By Duncan Smith

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, like every Marxist/socialist who has come before her, has not built anything in her young life.

Not a business. Not a corporation. Not a product that is useful to tens of millions of people.


But while she’s terrible at building things, she’s pretty good at tearing them down.

Her big mouth and opposition to ‘corporations’ cost her district and New York City a second Amazon HQ.

Now, she wants her governor, Andrew Cuomo, to “stop protecting billionaires” and tax them into oblivion.

That’s right: Let’s tax the wealth and job creators so they create less wealth and fewer jobs.

That way, all New Yorkers will be “equal.”

Equally miserable and poor.

Fox News has the story.

What are your thoughts? Is she right, or the dumbest lawmaker that side of the Mississippi? Comment below!

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