By Duncan Smith

The once-gleaming city of Seattle is being blemished and destroyed by socialists and Marxists because everything they touch turns to something that comes out of the back end of a dog.

And now, emboldened by a growing number of like-minded self-destructive lunatics who elected them, socialists on the city council are showing their true ‘colors.’

So-called ‘progressives’ aren’t tolerant, don’t pine for ‘equality,’ and they have not cornered the ‘anti-racism’ market.

In fact, just the opposite.

They’re close-minded, authoritarian, and overt bigots and racists, as noted this week in a column from constitutional expert and Georgetown Law Prof. Jonathan Turley.

The Washington Examiner notes:

Constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley criticized comments made by a city councilwoman in Seattle he said was suggesting the firing of white officers as part of an effort to shrink the police department.

“The Council is continuing to work through the SPD budget and we are in the very beginning stages of developing proposals. I want to address some misinformation SPD leadership is prognosticating on the content of budget cut proposals that haven't been developed yet,” City Council member Lisa Herbold tweeted on Monday. “In the case layoffs are necessary, one threat is firing BIPOC officers first. Chief can request the Public Safety Civil Service Commission ED for permission to lay off ‘out of order’ when doing so is in ‘the interest of efficient operations of his or her department.’'

BIPOC stands for black, indigenous, and people of color.

“This means Chief doesn't have to fire the newest hired first. Chief says firing BIPOC members of the SPD would be harmful & I agree. I know she can argue just as convincingly that maintaining the employment of BIPOC officers is in the interest of efficient operations of the SPD,” she wrote on Twitter.

Earlier this month Police Chief Carmen Best, who is black, wrote a letter to Left-wing nut job Mayor Jenny Durkan essentially saying the same thing: ‘Hey now, let’s make sure we don’t lay off people of color.’

“Cuts this deep mean we would lose more than 50% of our Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) officers,” Best said. “These officers' life experiences make us a better department and community.”

That people who are not white have their own acronym now, compliments of the Marxists, should tell you something.

“The problem is that the firing would be done by seniority and many of the less senior officers are black,” Turley responded in a blog post this week.

“This of course would be even more egregious since Herbold wants to fire white officers due to their race alone. They would not be accused of any wrongdoing or failure,” he adds.

“Herbold would not only refuse to promote on the basis of race but would fire officers on that basis. No test. Just a pure racially discriminatory program of terminations.”

Memo to Herbold, Best, and Durkan: Get good lawyers for your discrimination lawsuit.

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