By Duncan Smith

Conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh discussed a column on Thursday by Rick Moran at PJ Media published earlier this week declaring that there’s a “secret” well of supporters for President Trump in Pennsylvania (and elsewhere) that will carry him to reelection victory in November.

From the Moran column:

'A new Monmouth University poll out today shows Joe Biden comfortably ahead of Donald Trump by 53-40 in Pennsylvania. Biden has a 21 point lead among independents and leads in almost every age group, including those over 65. But if you ask voters who they think is going to win the state of Pennsylvania, it's a different story.

'Most registered voters (54%) say they were surprised in 2016 when Trump ended up winning Pennsylvania's electoral votes. They are evenly divided on whether they expect Trump (46%) or Biden (45%) to win the commonwealth this time around. One reason for this seems to be that most voters (57%) believe there are a number of so-called secret voters in their communities who support Trump but won't tell anyone about it.

'Comparing the current results to a Monmouth University Poll taken in August 2016, Biden's likely voter position is similar to Clinton's summer standing in the swing counties, where she led Trump by 50% to 40%. Interestingly, Trump is doing slightly better now in core Clinton counties than four years ago, when he was polling at 21% to 67% for Clinton.'

Limbaugh said he thinks Moran is “onto something,” and it’s based on his personal interactions with scores of voters who he knows are going to support the president in November but don’t talk about it.

He said:

I think they're on to something. I have talked to a number of them on this program. I've talked to a number of you. You know who you are. There's a bunch of you that are gonna vote for Trump and you're not gonna tell anybody. You'll tell us here anonymously, but you're not gonna tell anybody where you live, and you're not gonna go to some protest march and protest against the left. …

The pull quote from the story. 'Americans don't vote for extremists or radicals and if Trump can tie Biden to Black Lives Matter, AOC, and Bernie Sanders -' And Bernie is the guy he's gonna really tie him to because that's what's Biden doing. Biden's literally claiming the Bernie Sanders agenda as his, which leads me to another aspect of this in just a second. 'Cause it's the Bernie Sanders agenda that Plugs is endorsing. …

Here's the reason I think that, in addition to everything else I've said, the reason polling doesn't mean anything today is because with all of these double digit leads that they're reporting Biden has, where is the confidence that should be accompanying those revelations? I mean, double-digit lead, Trump's approval number at 36%. This should spell it, the end. This should be the doom and gloom. It's over for Trump.

Limbaugh also said he believes Democrats are well aware there are legions of ‘unseen’ Trump voters, which is why they’re not ebullient and over-confident about Biden:

And I'll tell you, one of the reasons why is they know, even though they don't want to admit it, they know that there is a huge number of invisible, you'll-never-find-'em Trump voters who are not being reflected in any poll. They're not gonna be known until Election Day. They're not gonna be known until the votes are counted. They are there, and they are huge in number.

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