By Duncan Smith

Let it be said that while Democrats will never allow an opportunity slip by to pander to minorities, their party runs all major American cities where blacks and Hispanics are economically ‘disadvantaged’ and supposedly ‘oppressed.’

Right on cue, Senate Minority Leader (and let’s keep him that way) Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) released a proposal Thursday to ‘invest’ $350 billion into ‘communities of color’ hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic (because no corresponding white communities have been ‘hard-hit’ by the pandemic, you see).

The blatantly racist proposal includes $135 billion “for child care, community health care and job training,” the Washington Times reported.

“It also provides $215 billion for Medicaid, infrastructure improvements and providing a tax credit for homeowners and renters struggling to pay their bills,” the paper said, adding:

In a summary of the plan, Democrats said this would be in addition to the $3 trillion HEROES Act passed by the House in May and would help those who 'bear a disproportionately severe burden' in the pandemic.

'Long before the pandemic, long before this recession, long before this year's protests, structural inequalities have persisted in health care and housing, the economy and education,” Schumer said.

“Covid-19 has only magnified these injustices and we must confront them with lasting, meaningful solutions that tear down economic and social barriers, and reinvest in historically underserved communities,' he added.

Got that? Now coronavirus is racist and bigoted and didn’t hit the country’s white majority hard at all.

These people are disgusting in their divisive and racist soft bigotry. Americans of every skin tone/color have been hard-hit by a pandemic the Chinese are ultimately responsible for.

Maybe Schumer should get the money for his bill from Beijing.

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