By Duncan Smith

We have thought for months that once the official version of events is publicized in court surrounding the George Floyd incident, certain narratives are going to be shattered.

And most of the mainstream media will, again, be proven wrong.

Not that it’ll matter, of course.

It’s virtually assured that after all the rioting, looting, demonstrations, destruction of monuments, corporate and sports league virtue signaling, there is little chance the officers charged in Floyd’s death are going to get a fair trial.

Despite the evidence, some of which is already proving at least the narratives wrong.

Thanks to One America News, we have information that hasn’t been seen yet or covered by anyone else.

Here’s the network’s report regarding transcripts of two of the officers’ bodycam footage:

That said, it’s likely that these guys’ lives are going to be ruined, period, and as bad as Floyd’s death may be, this will be every bit as much a travesty of justice.

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