By Randy Tate

House Democrats are ramping up their Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) hate again with new legislation that would cut the agency’s budget.

In addition, the Washington Times reported, the bill would undo key policies implemented by President Donald Trump last year that helped end the migrant surge crisis — because they’re really all about open borders.

The outlet noted:

Brushing aside worries of spurring a new border surge, House Democrats led the push Wednesday to slash ICE funding, saying they were determined to punish the agency for 'willful disregard of Congress's role' in setting immigration priorities.

Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee also voted to undo the key Trump policies that helped solve last year's border surge, including new standards for asylum-seekers and deals with Mexico and Central American nations that helped slow the flow of people headed north.

Rep. David Price, North Carolina Democrat, said they were intent on pushing back on 'cruel and arbitrary immigration policies' they say have distorted the immigration system.

'We haven't seen anything like this before,' he said as he led the committee in voting to roll back a half-dozen Trump policies that also included the travel ban and ICE's list of enforcement priorities.

That’s not true.

The last time there was a massive crush of illegal aliens at the U.S.-Mexico border was circa 2014, when Barack Obama’s administration was ‘putting kids in cages.’

Regarding the new legislation, cuts to ICE would be attached to an existing piece of legislation that strips 25 percent of funding from Homeland Security’s deportation force.

And it blocks new border wall funding while revoking funds that were already earmarked last year.

You’ve got to hand it to Democrats. When it comes to taking their pettiness and anger out on President Trump, they’re willing to destroy the country to do it.

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