By Randy Tate

A group of black conservatives has launched an effort to save the Freedmen's Memorial statue in Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C., as Democrats and their Left-wing allies seek to have it removed.

The statue depicts President Abraham Lincoln extending a hand over a kneeling freed slave named Archer Alexander. Black Lives Matter demonstrators and their Democrat enablers want to statue taken down because ‘racism.’

The Washington Times reports:

Star Parker, founder of UrbanCURE, held an 'emancipation celebration' Tuesday at Lincoln Park, home of the now fenced-off bronze statue in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, to promote a signature drive urging Congress to 'keep this statue alive, right here.'

'This Emancipation Memorial should be a reminder to never to see any group — any group — of persons as non-persons, whether born or unborn, and that America's history is best relayed by reality, not revised by mob mentality,' said the Radiance Foundation's Ryan Bomberger at the event.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has called for removing the statue, also known as the Emancipation Memorial, saying in a June 23 tweet that the designers 'didn't take into account the views of African Americans. It shows. Blacks, too, fought to end enslavement.'

She said that she would introduce a bill to move the statue to a museum, but Ms. Parker said that critics 'need to learn Black history.'

“Archer Alexander is not kneeling; as a track star prepared to run a dash, the kinetic motion in this figure shows him just emancipated to stand and run his race as a free man,” Parker added.

'This Freedman's Statue should not only remain standing in Lincoln Park, but this is the sacred location where President Trump should place the new Memorial Park he envisions to honor great American heroes who worked tirelessly to unify the faces,” she added.

That a black politician, Norton, seeks to remove this monument is remarkable.

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