By Randy Tate

Noted ‘criminologist’ Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DS-N.Y.) just made one of the most idiotic correlations about the rising crime rate in New York City.

Namely, because ‘the poor’ are doing without, crime is going up. And of course, it’s all the fault of President Trump and Republicans, despite the fact that New York City is deep blue and its mayor is an abject socialist.

An editorial in the Washington Examiner sums up the lunacy:

The wealthy are fleeing New York City, and police there are stretched thin and scared of becoming the subject of the next viral video.

Meanwhile, something odd is happening. Weekly robberies in the city have plunged by nearly 27% from the comparable week last year, including a 16% drop in petty larceny. But murders have skyrocketed by 50%. The number of shooting victims is up by a staggering 200%. Year-to-date statistics paint the same picture, with violent crimes way up and larceny and transit crimes significantly down.

Noted crime expert Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mused over the weekend that New York’s killing spree is being fueled not by violent felons taking advantage of weak city leadership and police hesitation, but rather by modern-day Jean Valjean types, stealing loaves of bread for their starving children. And, as impervious to facts as she usually is, she is digging the hole deeper.

Gah. This makes no sense — and not just her blatant stereotyping of poor people and the GOP.

Notes the Washington Examiner:

…[T]here is simply no data indicating that the financial suffering of ordinary New Yorkers is fueling the dramatic uptick in murders, even amid a decrease in petty larceny, and transit crimes, and no change in robberies.

There are plenty of compelling reasons to push for increased PPP funding and more direct payments to individuals. But Ocasio-Cortez’s make-believe statistics are nothing but an attempt to push a politically motivated lie.

If anything, people should take this occasion, of Ocasio-Cortez being so clearly wrong about this matter and in such a high-profile way, to question the Left’s broader claims about poverty and crime. The crime you would expect to see more of when people are going without — petty larceny — is actually down. Go figure. And it’s a vicious smear on poor people to say that they just go out and start shooting anyone they see because they’re out of work.

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