By Duncan Smith

There are tens of millions of Americans fiercely loyal to our country, but there is also no shortage of first-generation immigrants to America who are not only patriotic, but grateful they made the trip.

One of them is Maximo Alvarez, head of Sunshine Gasoline.

Not only is he a big supporter of another American success story — President Donald Trump — but he loves America and he has a story to tell.

And a warning to convey.

He sees the very same communist movement rising in his adopted country that rose, and then demolished, his own country under Fidel Castro.

Worse, he warns that there will be no shortage of “useful idiots” who will buy into all the ‘equality’ ‘tolerance’ ‘utopia’ BS and go right along with the self-destruction.

This may be the most important nine minutes of video you’ll ever watch.

Check out Mr. Alvarez:

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