By Randy Tate

Former special prosecutor Robert Mueller penned an op-ed defending his ‘Russian collusion’ hoax investigation that was published Saturday in the Washington Post.

Or did he?

There are several people, many of them conservatives, who are saying otherwise, and they are citing his halting testimony before the House last year as their justification.

The Washington Examiner reported Sunday:

Social media chatter over the weekend echoed speculation that followed Mueller’s halting testimony before Congress one year ago, at which time there were suggestions that the septuagenarian former FBI director did not even write his 448-page report on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Richard Grenell, the former acting director of national intelligence, reacted to a user late Saturday who said, “Mueller didn’t write this op-ed.”

He replied, “Everyone who saw him testify knows this is true.”

The Mueller piece was published just a day after President Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, the last ‘victim’ of Mueller’s witch hunt probe in which no one within the president’s inner circle was ever charged, much less convicted, with ‘Russian collusion.’

Mueller [allegedly] wrote that Stone “remains a convicted felon, and rightfully so.”

Maybe. But he’s not going to jail, nor should he, especially given the fact that the Mueller team patently avoided charging anyone with trying to depose a sitting president.

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