By Randy Tate

Without question, President Trump is the most pro-America leader we’ve had since Ronald Reagan.

He’s also one of the most constitutionally-minded presidents we’ve had since The Gipper as well, no doubt about it.

He loves freedom. He loves our liberty. And he knows that America remains the world’s shining city on a hill.

And what’s more, people around the world who have been oppressed know that, too.

That’s why they are increasingly appealing to our president to help lead them in liberating their countries as well.

The Epoch Times has the details:

Venezuelan and Cuban activists in Florida on July 10 urged President Donald Trump attending their roundtable on 'Supporting the People of Venezuela,' to help people oppressed by socialist and communist regimes in Venezuela and Cuba to regain freedom and eliminate narco-terrorism and poverty.

Ernesto Ackerman, the president of civic group Independent Venezuelan-American Citizens, requested Trump at the roundtable held in Doral, Florida, to 'eliminate the germs of socialism' from Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba, and other countries in the region and to 'help the people of Venezuela to get rid of the narco-terrorists who have kidnapped our nation.' …

Dr. Orlando Gutierrez Boronat, Cuban-born co-founder and spokesperson for the Cuban Democratic Directorate and a leader of the Cuban exile community, said at the roundtable that there 'should be a task force [in the United States] to educate Americans about socialism and communism.'

Gutierrez-Boronat shared key life experiences in communist Cuba helped him to understand the nature of socialism and communism.

'Everywhere communism and socialism have come to, the first freedom they strike at is religious freedom,' Gutierrez-Boronat said, noting that’s why American Marxists are defacing and attacking Christian statues.

Both men acknowledged that their countries were prosperous and thriving before communist and socialist leaders took them over.

And now, they want the most American of American presidents in decades to help them restore democracy in their countries — which is why the Left hates Trump so much.

They know, as do enslaved people around the world, that he represents the greatest threat to their authoritarianism and tyranny.

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