By Duncan Smith

Vice President Mike Pence brushed aside reports that former Vice President Joe Biden has a real double-digit lead on President Trump heading into the 2020 election.

'I don’t put a lot of stock in the polls,' Pence said Thursday evening in an interview with the Washington Examiner aboard his campaign bus as he ended a swing through Pennsylvania.

The news site offered:

The daylong bus trip left Pence energized about November in the face of polling that, for weeks, has been nothing but depressing for Trump and Republicans down-ballot. To name a few problematic indicators: The president's job approval is 42% overall, and Democrats are now within striking distance of flipping the Senate.

'In the last election, somebody told me that between Labor Day and Election Day, there were over a hundred different polls that were taken in the states or nationwide,' Pence said, waving off the seemingly bad news.

'The president only led in a handful of them. And then we saw an incredible victory — historic victory — on Election Day. I sense people are more enthusiastic today than they were four years ago,' he added.

The news site went onto say that while Trump won suburban America by 4 points in 2016, Republicans lost suburbia during the 2018 midterms, allegedly due to a “rebuke of Trump.”

But a lot has happened since then.

Democrats who control the House have had an opportunity to demonstrate their nastiness to the president — by blocking initiatives Americans voted for in 2016 and trying to impeach him.

And now, with non-stop protesting around the country and rising tides of violence in cities, voters are going to be more likely to put their support behind a “law-and-order” candidate, which is Trump.

Pence — a former U.S. representative and governor of Indiana — agrees.

'When people face that choice, people in the suburbs, and in the cities, and out in the country are going to know that we need four more years of a job creator in the White House,' the vice president said. 'But I also believe public safety is going to continue to live large in this election.'

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