By Duncan Smith

One by one, Marxist ‘democrats’ who run major U.S. cities are sentencing them to death with idiotic policies to “defund” their police departments, which leads cynical politicos like us to believe it is a concerted effort.

After New York City, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles Democrats voted to either eliminate or dramatically reduce funding for police, Seattle appears to be next on the list.

And this less than two weeks after cops there were ordered to dismantle the lawless CHOP zone after that ‘utopia’ turned into a shooting gallery.

The Epoch Times reports:

A majority of Seattle City Council members now support a proposal to slash funding for the Seattle Police Department (SPD) by 50 percent.

Council members Dan Strauss and Andrew Lewis came out in support of the plan on Thursday.

Lewis said in a statement that he is '100% in favor of' demands by local groups, 'including the goal of a 50% cut of SPD's budget.'

'I am committed to reinvesting that money in BIPOC led organizations,' he said. BIPOC stands for black, indigenous, and people of color.

Strauss added: 'If I wasn't clear yesterday – I am in 100% agreement' with Decriminalize Seattle, one of the groups pushing for defunding the police.

Strauss said the work that needs to be done now includes creating a plan for the proposed changes to be successful and define how the budget cuts occur.

Council President M. Lorena Gonzalez and members Tammy Morales, Kshama Sawant, and Teresa Mosqueda expressed support for the plan last month.

'The current public safety model does not produce safety for black, Indigenous, and brown people,' Gonzalez said in a video statement.

What idiots. And literally none of them acknowledged that their party has been in control of that ‘racist’ ‘bigoted’ city for years.

But do you know what getting rid of cops will do for Seattle residents of all races?

Everyone will suffer as the new reduced-police “public safety model” fails and people begin dying on the streets in droves.

That is, everyone but the same elitist Marxists who voted to defund police in the first place because they’ll make sure they are protected.

Hide and watch.

How many Americans will have to die before enough people rise up and show these lunatics that ‘activism’ isn’t governing?

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