By Duncan Smith

Police in New York City are on the verge of losing control over major portions of the city, thanks in large part to the lunacy of Marxist Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon gave an eye-opening interview about what’s happening in the country’s largest city, post-George Floyd, where BLM thugs have openly threatened to burn neighborhoods if they don’t ‘get their way’ which includes, of course, no more police.

When you see the vandalism in all our own communities when you see the assaults, you see Molotov cocktails being thrown at law enforcement vehicles, you have to start to realize that, we're starting to lose control. And once we start to lose control, we're not losing control to peaceful protesters, these are criminals,' he said.

'And so once we start to relinquish authority to them, we're going to have chaos in our streets.'

'We should hold the judges accountable and make them explain why individuals are obtaining bail [and] if there are particular groups that seem to be targeted by a particular judge,' Toulon added.

'That's where I believe that we should be focusing our attention on not changing laws or giving individuals the opportunity to return back.'

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