By Randy Tate

U.S. Attorney General William Barr sort of left some jaws open on Wednesday when he said he believes that ‘unfair’ policing of black males in America is a “widespread phenomenon.”

“I do think it is a widespread phenomenon that African American males, particularly, are treated with extra suspicion and maybe not given the benefit of the doubt,” he told ABC News, adding that it’s wrong if people are 'not respected appropriately and given their due.'

Of course, people should be treated respectfully by police, but what if the respect isn’t mutual?

Nevertheless, Barr also dropped a huge truth bomb that will no doubt be ‘missed’ by the vast majority of mainstream media.

After noting that there has been a lot of progress in recent years to reduce the number of deaths of black Americans at the hands of police, he made a comment about “Black Lives Matter” that was spot-on.

“Obviously, black lives matter. I think all lives, all human life is sacred. I also think that it's being used now—is sort of distorting the debate to some extent,” he noted.

Because it's used really to refer exclusively to black lives that are lost to police misconduct, which have been going down, statistically. Five years ago, there were 40 such incidents, this last year it was ten. So, at least it's a positive trajectory there, but then you compare it to 8,000 homicides in the African American community. Those are black lives that matter, too.”

Exactly right.

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