By Randy Tate

And in other news not related to the tearing down of our country and its institutions by the Marxist Left, there is still a world outside the United States that remains unpredictable and dangerous.

Readers may recall that a few years back China declared 90 percent of the South China Sea as its own.

Since then the communist country has sought to ‘enforce’ its claim by building and then arming islands at various locations throughout the SCS.

Some $4 trillion worth of goods travel through the region every year, making it one of the most lucrative trade routes in the world.

And besides, the vast majority of the SCS now claimed by Beijing is in international waters.

After imploring China to drop its outsized and illegal claims, the Trump administration is no longer playing nice.

Now, it’s come down to raw shows of force: Us versus them, and there’s no way China wins that fight.

The Washington Times reports the Pentagon is not ceding one square inch of the SCS to Beijing that didn’t already belong to China:

The commanders of two Navy aircraft carrier strike groups sailing in the contested South China say their operations demonstrated support for the idea of freedom on the seas.

Rear Adm. Jim Kirk, commander of a warship battle group headed by the USS Nimitz, said the dual-carrier operations now underway in the waters off East Asia give military commanders 'unmatched operational flexibility if the need arises.'

'Our training exercises enhance our ability to provide regional air defense, and expand our reach of operations to respond to those who challenge regional stability,' Adm. Kirk said, making a clear but indirect reference to China.

Beijing has claimed 90 percent of the South China Sea as its sovereign maritime territory, a claim rejected by the United States and nations around the region.

The operations this week included 24-hour carrier flight operations of warplanes from the Nimitz and the second carrier, USS Ronald Reagan. The combined strike groups include six guided-missile warships.

Rear Adm. George Wikoff, who heads the Reagan strike group, said the more than 6,000 sailors aboard the two carrier groups are bolstering security commitments to regional allies.

The operations 'reinforce international norms that support the free and open Indo-Pacific,' Adm. Wikoff said. 'While working together as one strike force, we have demonstrated how the U.S. Navy fields a responsive and flexible and unmatched maritime team, committed to mutual defense agreements with allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific.'

Chinese naval officials are closely watching the carrier, and in the past People's Liberation Army naval fleets have tried unsuccessfully to force U.S. Navy warships out of the area.

'We saw plenty of the Chinese navy operating around us as we did our exercises,' Adm. Kirk said.

(How much ‘Star Trek’ grief do you think Jim Kirk gets for his name?)

President Trump is asserting American rites of passage, as well as the right of our allies to utilize international waters.

Joe Biden and his boy have reportedly made money from the Chinese. How ‘stern’ do you think he would be with Beijing as president?

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