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By Duncan Smith

For South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, the current ‘debates’ over the preservation of American monuments like Mount Rushmore, located in her state, is no longer about ensuring “equality” but about rewriting history.

And we can’t allow that to happen.

Breitbart News reports:

Tuesday on Fox News Channel's 'Your World,' Gov.  Kristi Noem rejected the claim the push to remove statues and monuments was about 'equality.'

She praised President Donald Trump's efforts, including his July 3 speech at Mount Rushmore in her state, to defend monuments.

'I think it's important we protect our history,' she said. 'This isn't about equality anymore. This is a radical rewriting of our history to take away our freedoms and liberties.

“It's really trying to rewrite the foundation of this country. And so it's alarming to me. I'm thankful that the president made the statement that he made in his speech about protecting Mount Rushmore and other monuments across the country,” she added.

'It's incredibly important that we recognize that the founders, those in our past, are certainly not perfect individuals, but we can learn something from them,' Noem noted further. 'And we need to focus on the virtues they brought us as well.'

The founders, while imperfect (and who among us isn’t?), nevertheless bequeathed us a form of government that allowed We the People to right wrongs and fix injustices.

But to listen to Left-wing BLM types and their Democrat benefactors, nothing has changed.

It’s ridiculous to say such things and mean it. Of course ‘things have changed,’ and for the better.

There is no ‘systemic racism’ built into our country and our institutions anymore unless of course, you count the Left’s racism being directed at whites simply for being white.

“Equality” doesn’t mean “everyone is equal.” It means “everyone gets an opportunity” to be all they can be. Anyone who can’t deal with that should either get over it or find some other country more to their liking.

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