By Randy Tate

Another Black Lives Matter ‘leader’ is pushing for the elimination of all police in another large American city: Philadelphia, where our country was founded.

But that’s not all. This Leftist lunatic is also calling for the elimination of all U.S. military installations around the world.

Fox News reports:

The Philadelphia arm of the Black Lives Matter movement has called for the “complete abolition” of the police department in five years as well as the scrapping of military bases abroad.

For more than a month, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has called for sweeping changes across the country in the bid to end racial injustices. At the heart of the debate is the campaign to defund – or dismantle – police departments.

And according to BLM Philadelphia representative and activist YahNé Ndgo, the chapter has developed a five-year plan to do just that.

“One of the things that we are demanding over five years is the complete abolition. We don’t want to see any police in our community,” Ndgo told Fox News in an interview Tuesday.

“Over the course of those five years, it gives time for the community to begin to build what is needed. We aren’t looking to leave any kind of vacancy around the issue of safety.”

She claims that most crime is due to hunger and poverty.

“As we address these particular concerns, and at the same time build restorative justice practices, and build out our mental health response teams, and build medic responses,” she said.

“[These are] responses that really actually deal with the issues that are in place. Then we will have less crime anyway.”

Perhaps. But not a reduction in all crime. So what happens then? What happens when the insanely Left-wing BLM’ers build a police-free ‘utopia?’

Remember that CHOP enclave in Seattle? It turned into a lawless shooting gallery.

As will Philadelphia without any cops.

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