By Duncan Smith

Proving once again that no matter what the man does he won’t get any credit or respect, President Donald Trump’s plans to hold his next campaign rally outside at a venue in New Hampshire is still being blasted by unhinged Democrats.

'President Trump's record-setting accomplishments in record-setting time have improved the lives of all Americans. He rebuilt, restored and renewed our great nation once, and he'll do it again,' Hogan Gidley, the campaign's national press secretary, said in a statement, which noted that the event will be held at the Portsmouth International Airport.

'We look forward to so many freedom-loving patriots coming to the rally and celebrating America, the greatest country in the history of the world.'

And the president’s legions of supporters look forward to seeing him too.

But the Democrat Party which continues to push the lie (along with the Left-wing media enablers) that COVID-19 is a planetary killer are panning the event because of course.

In a statement, New Hampshire Democratic Party said that the Trump administration's response to the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't been adequate.

'Instead of helping our state safely recover, Trump is flying in for a political rally that will only further highlight the chaos he has caused,' Ray Buckley, the party's chairman, said.

What BS. This administration knocked the coronavirus response out of the park, quickly shutting off travel from China, sealing both borders, ensuring the epicenter of New York City had more resources than it required and encouraging American industries to quickly developing accurate coronavirus tests and boost supplies of ventilators and PPES.

Those are the facts.

However, because all the Democrats have is Joe Biden, the party has to use every opportunity to dump on Trump and pretend like their candidate would have done better.

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