By Duncan Smith

Former Vice President Joe Biden has spent his entire adult life in Washington.

During that time, you could count his ‘accomplishments’ on one hand — and have fingers to spare.

He’s said and backed racist things and initiatives like segregation.

He spent eight years as a bumbling back-up to Barack Obama, helping his son pad his pockets in countries like Ukraine and China.

Now, in the twilight of his mental life, Democrats have propped him up to face off against President Donald Trump.

But not because they believe that Biden is ‘more competent.’ They know he’s not.

He’s just their vehicle to get back into power, back into the White House, where his presidency will be hijacked by abject, overt Left-wing socialists and Marxists who support anarchy and political violence to achieve their objectives.

And such is their hatred for Trump, another group of out-of-power ‘Republicans’ who can’t stand that Trump is ignoring them has joined the Biden team.

“43 Alumni for Joe Biden” is the latest batch of RINOs to join forces with establishment Democrats to help return things ‘back to the way they were’ — elitist Washingtonians in power running everything and leaving Main Street Americans behind.

The group’s website says:

Principles matter more than politics. That's why we, a group of alumni who served President Bush, and other Republican presidents, governors, and Members of Congress, support Joe Biden for President.

Join us and our former Republican colleagues in casting your vote for Joe Biden on Election Day, November 3rd, 2020. Together, we can help restore decency, honor, dignity, and true leadership to the White House.

Naturally, they’re being cheered by Democrats and held up as ‘principled Republicans’ when, in fact, all of them treated then-President George W. Bush with the same contempt they treat Trump.

These people are sick. They’re pissed off because Trump is running rings around them and their BS polices. And they will literally sell their souls to see him defeated.

Which proves that they never really had any political principles, to begin with. They’re just disgusting people who will side with whoever might take them back into the Washington fold at some point.

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