By Duncan Smith

So, it’s become apparent now that the pathetic media in America has thrown in with Antifa and the violent elements of Black Lives Matter.

Because when a 15-year police veteran can be ambushed, shot in the head and killed without any outrage, let alone coverage, then it’s pretty clear which side they’re on.

As NewsBusters notes:

On Tuesday, 15-year Tulsa Police Department veteran and Sergeant Craig Johnson died at a hospital after sustaining a gunshot wound to his head on Monday.

Six-week rookie Officer Aurash Zarkeshan was also in critical condition after also being shot in the head during the same struggle with a suspect.

Though Monday’s CBS Evening News was the only broadcast newscast to report on their hospitalization, neither they nor ABC, or NBC informed their viewers about Sgt. Johnson's passing.

There was one ‘bright’ spot, if you will, proving that the officer shootings did, indeed, warrant national coverage.

“CBS fill-in anchor Major Garrett delivered a meager 16-second news brief on Monday,” NB reported, citing the segment:

Two Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officers are in critical condition tonight after both were shot in the head during a traffic stop. One of the officers is a rookie, he'd only been on the patrol for six weeks, the other a sergeant. Police say a suspect is now in custody.

Wow. Well, don’t go out of your way, fella.

ABC News didn’t air the report but did do a write-up on the network’s website:

[The suspect] refused to comply with officers’ commands to step out of his car, said Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin at a press conference on Monday.

Johnson displayed a stun gun and asked Ware to get out of the car 12 times before firing. Franklin said the stun gun was not effective and Zarkeshan also pepper-sprayed Ware.

A struggle ensued and Ware pulled out a gun and fired “several shots at close range,” striking both officers in the head, said Franklin.

Both officers were taken to the hospital in critical condition. Johnson, a 15-year veteran, died on Tuesday afternoon. He leaves behind a wife and two young sons.

Dallas police officer C'Mone Wingo commented about the incident in a Fox & Friends segment Wednesday morning.

You know, you have officers out there that are working, that are doing their jobs, that are answering your calls, that are coming when you need them. And you still – You're feeling like they’re the villains. They’re being demonized. Who wants to see a cop in that type of society? Who wants to be a police officer where they're not appreciated. They don’t feel like things that are out there that they are doing to try to make society better, they are not appreciated for it. Who wants that?

NewsBusters added:

Meanwhile, the networks promoted efforts to 'defund the police,' NBC scoffed at the fact that cops were getting increasingly targeted in attacks, and they also decried President Trump's 'unusual step' to continue 'defending' the police.

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