By Duncan Smith

Do you remember the last time a hulking white dude told a media outlet, “We don’t want black people in our neighborhood”?

Yeah, neither do we.

Because if a hulking white dude had said something like that to a major media outlet, it would have been news for weeks.

Donald Trump would have been blamed for ‘making’ the white dude say such a thing.

The white dude would have become ‘Racist Enemy No. 1’ on the rabid Left.

And so on. You know the drill.

But hey, when a hulking black dude says he doesn’t want any white people in his Bronx neighborhood, no problem.

Oh, and only Black Lives Matter.

Enter bomb-thrower (literally, if he gets his way) ‘Hawk’ Newsome.

After telling Fox News host Martha MacCallum “we will burn the system down if we don’t get what we want,” he went on to tell the New York Post some very interesting, very racist things as well in recent days.

The Post:

'We don't want white people here,' Newsome told The Post, still fired up as he walked near Yankee Stadium, gesturing at the majestic pre-war apartments on the Grand Concourse and a brilliant sunset.

'We don't want white people coming in and raising our rents. You can't be a supporter of black people if you come gentrify their neighborhoods. Stay the f–k out of our communities.'

He talked candidly to The Post as he ducked into a Caribbean restaurant for a health shake. He revealed that his mother Doris was a Black Panther member who met his dad at a civil rights rally in 1969, but she rarely talked about her activism.

His vision for the Bronx is similarly militant — a black and brown sovereign nation with its own self-policing force.

'Black and brown guys that join the [NYPD]?' he said. 'You can't trust 'em. They go blue as soon as they become cops and the blue line is ruled by white men. We don't want them here telling our people what to do.'

You got that, white America? Stay the ‘F’ out of neighborhoods dominated by blacks.

You’re not welcome there, especially if you’re a police officer of any skin color trying to keep law and order.

Black people like Newsome’s mother fought against unfair constructs back in the day like segregation.

Now, he wants to reinstitute it.

And the intolerant, militant Left-wing media is just find with that, apparently.

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