By Duncan Smith

An increasing number of Left-wing Millennials are being driven to levels of insanity after having been indoctrinated for years by an American education system run by Marxists.

That is evident anew in a video posted to Tik Tok by a reported Harvard grad who threatened to “stab” anyone — whites, especially — if she hears them say “All Lives Matter.”

'The next person that has the nerve, the sheer entitled 'cauc-acity' to say 'All lives matter,' I'm-a stab you, I'm-a stab you,' says the lunatic liberal, obviously virtue-signaling for social media clout.

'And while you're struggling, bleeding out, I'm going to show you my paper cut, and say, 'My cut matters, too.''

The Tik Tok user was identified as Harvard graduate Claira Janover, with many slamming her on Twitter over the comments.

Needless to say, China-run Tik Tok didn’t de-platform her, and there is a great chance that had she posted this vile threat-rant to an American social media platform, she would have gotten away with it, too.

Because they are busy purging their sites of conservatives, constitutionalists, and supporters of President Trump.

Meanwhile, the Left’s barbaric propagandizing of our youth continues, meaning the existing older generations of America-loving patriots is going to eventually be replaced by unhinged, intolerant lunatics who can’t be reasoned with or talked to.

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