By Duncan Smith

A column today over at Breitbart News from John Nolte predicts that President Trump is well on the path to defeat in the fall because he lost the upper hand after masterfully handling coronavirus and the economy.

Here is a section that gets to the gist of it:

Donald Trump is not only losing this election, if the election were held today, his loss would possibly be catastrophic, would be remembered as one of the most humiliating in history. He's not only facing a landslide rejection of epic proportions, he's losing to a 77-year-old imbecile and racist who's hiding out in his basement.

How is this possible?

How is it even remotely possible Joe Biden is kicking Trump's butt?

How is it possible that a full-blown idiot whose mental acuity deteriorates by the day, whose racist past would result in his statue being toppled, who has been in office for nearly 50 failed years, is now on the road to humiliating the president of the United States?

The answer is simple: Biden and his team have cracked Trump's code. They got his number…

First off, Biden is not Hillary Clinton. The shrill, corrupt, and extreme Clinton was and is loathed by just about everyone. Biden is not loathed. He's seen as kind of goofy, not terribly smart, prone to saying a lot of dumb things, but he's not seen as shrill, crooked, or extreme.

And what this means is Biden is the most important thing you can be while running against an incumbent president: an 'acceptable alternative.'

The column drew a lot of negative responses from the site’s pro-Trump readership and understandably so. Essentially, Nolte predicts that Trump is on his way to losing bigly because most Americans don’t want another four years of chaos and daily drama (very little of which is ever the president’s fault).

But another story at Breitbart today makes a very different case — that Trump is cruising to reelection because of chaos.

Mark Smith, president of the Da Vinci Group, argues:

'At the grassroots level, where [Trump] has had great success and continues to have great success making sure that he is speaking to and for those Americans who are in that silent majority,' Smith said, 'and I will argue very strongly that that silent majority, on a day-to-day basis, thanks to the folks at Black Lives Matter and the professional race business in this country, are making more and more recruits.'

Smith said a message of national unity can overcome narratives of fragmentation pushed by Democrats and the broader left.

'For Americans to feel comfortable reelecting a president they've gotten to know over the last three and a half years, the emphasis [should be] that we are all Americans, that we are men, women and families,' advised Smith. 'We're a country blessed to have an enormously diverse culture.'

Smith added, 'This President can bring us all together as Americans, not broken up into little distinct classes and little distinct groups. That's not what America is, and most people believe that. So if he continues to discuss those types of things but also pivots back to the economy — which is obviously going to be a concern, we're going to have a specific degree of unemployment — and illustrating that he's capable of moving that in the right direction, I think he'll have a very good day in November.'

What do you think?

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