By Duncan Smith

It’s become very apparent that if the people of Seattle want to reclaim that lawless carve-out known as CHOP or CHAZ or whatever it’s being referred to this week, they’re going to have to do it themselves.

The police have been neutered.

And the Left-wing lunacy emanating from the office of Mayor Jenny Durkan is mind-boggling.

Last week — after the third shooting inside the ‘peaceful’ ‘summer of love’ zone and additional criminal activity — she pledged that CHOP would be dismantled.

Yeah, right.

Crews showed up Friday to do just that and they were met by demonstrators, including by lying on top of some of the makeshift structures.

Right Journalism notes:

Sunday morning, though, 'several hundred' protesters remain in CHOP, the Wall Street Journal reports, and are refusing to dismantle the camp until their demand to defund and disband the Seattle Police Department is met.

Well, some Seattle residents have had enough.

One gentleman showed up Sunday to begin dismantling operations on his own.

And when one of the CHOPsters tried to replace a barrier, he got a nice right hook to the back of his head for his trouble.


Seattle residents had better get it in their heads that blindly pulling the lever for any candidate for public office with a “D” next to their name is only going to lead to more of this.

The same is true regarding the “D’s” in other large cities, as we’ve seen now over the past month as they have devolved into perpetual riot-and-destruction zones.

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