By Duncan Smith

Rioting in Portland, Ore., has almost become a rite of passage, it happens so often.

The haven for Left-wing unrest has become a haven for Left-wing unrest because the Left-wing politicians who ‘run’ the city have allowed it to happen.

And now, it’s become obvious the situation there has spiraled out of control — so much so that black community leaders are now pushing back against the mostly white liberal Antifa types who have been empowered to destroy any part of the city they want, at any time they choose.

The Washington Times reported:

Black community leaders decried Friday the protesters who wreaked havoc on a predominantly minority Portland neighborhood in an attempt to set up a Seattle-style autonomous zone, telling the rioters to 'get your knee off our neck.'

Protesters were thwarted as they tried to build a fence around the North Precinct, but instead set fires, looted and vandalized the surrounding buildings, at one point blocking and nailing shut exit doors so that police and others inside the precinct were trapped.

[Editor’s note: If ‘protesters’ really did try to entrap police officers inside a burning precinct building, the order to ‘fire at will’ should have been given — and they would have been completely justified. Where the hell is Mayor Ted Wheeler and the city council??]

At a Friday press conference, community leaders said that all the Northeast Portland businesses damaged in the melee were minority-owned.

'Get your knee off our neck. That is what you are doing when you do stuff like this,' said J.W. Matt Hennessee, pastor of the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church of Portland.

'If I were to walk in your neighborhood — because 95% of you are White — just showing up would cause calls to the police bureau. I don't have to set anything on fire, all we have to do is show up,” he added.

'And you think you've got the privilege to come into our community and start knocking out windows and doors? You've got something totally messed up.'

There are some “totally messed up” things happening all around the country right about now, and lo and behold, they’re all happening in Left-wing Democrat-run cities.

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