By Duncan Smith

American freedoms were already under assault by the Left and had been for decades. But Leftists have nothing on coronavirus when it comes to destroying the Bill of Rights.

As a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus sweeps over Texas and Florida, the two Republican governors there are ordering businesses closed (again) and Americans to shelter in place, without ever giving anyone the option of taking their chances with COVID-19.

We all get it. Coronavirus can infect and kill.

But what more will lockdowns accomplish that they didn’t already do? And what about those heath experts who have been telling us for months that without ‘herd’ immunity — which requires us to mingle — we’re going to continue getting ‘spikes’ (and shutdowns)?

Haven’t we learned anything?

Agence France Presse reports:

Texas and Florida ordered bars to stop serving alcohol on site Friday amid a record-breaking surge in COVID-19 cases in both states, as the White House coronavirus task force was set to hold its first public briefing in almost two months.

The two populous southern states, home to some 50 million people, were spared the worst of the outbreak in spring but are now being struck hard.

The United States, already the hardest-hit country in the world with close to 125,000 deaths, never fully emerged from its first wave. Following a weeks-long plateau, new cases are once again back to where they were in April.

'At this time, it is clear that the rise in cases is largely driven by certain types of activities, including Texans congregating in bars,' said Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican ally of President Donald Trump.

As a result, bars will be required to close but may continue providing delivery and take-out services. Other measures include that restaurants can remain open with 50 percent capacity indoors, and outdoor gatherings of 100 people or more require local government approval.

Ditto for Florida.

And the band known as ‘Coronavirus Task Force’ is getting back together at the White House.

If more leaders don’t step up and lead, then coronavirus is going to do what Democrats have been unable to do so far: Make our losses of liberty and freedom permanent.

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