By Duncan Smith

The anarchists burning, destroying, and looting Democrat-run cities with Democrat support are literally producing the Republican Part’s political ads in an election year the vast majority of President Trump’s supporters consider critical to the survival of our republic.

“The GOP has released an ad taking a direct and visual shot at the recent chaos and Democrat leaders pushing for radical change,” notes PJ Media.

“It separates the legitimate concerns and peaceful protests in response to the death of George Floyd with the ongoing madness and destruction being perpetrated by the far left,” the site continued, noting the ad should run non-stop from now until Election Day.

The ad even features a clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) actually dog-whistling for “more uprisings around the country.

See what you think:

Compare the Democrats’ support for chaos and anarchy with Trump’s calls for “law & order” and ask yourself what most Americans really want.

You don’t need a poll to provide you with the answer.

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