By Duncan Smith

This isn’t a story about ‘if it bleeds, it leads,’ it’s not about riots or protests or coronavirus or the NFL or kneeling.

But for most Americans, who are hard-working, honest, and trying to provide for their families, this news is, as President Donald Trump would say, yuuuuge.

Many of his supporters know that one of the president’s priorities since Day One in office has been to carpet bomb the Regulatory State into oblivion.

Because of the planetary size of the mountain of regulations passed by successive congresses and issued by successive presidents for decades, this bureaucratic abyss has been single-handedly responsible for braking the U.S. economy and stunting growth.

Like cable providers throttle Internet speeds, the regulatory state throttles economic growth.

But fortunately, and finally, Americans have a real champion in the White House who seriously wants to dismantle the behemoth and is making great progress, under the radar, in doing so.

Writing at The Epoch Times, Mark Tapscott notes:

Who you know and whose attention you avoid are often keys to getting big things done politically in Washington.

Consider Office of Management and Budget (OMB) acting Director Russell Vought, who, from the bureaucratic trenches, leads President Donald Trump's campaign to deregulate the U.S. economy.

A decade ago, Vought was vice president of Heritage Action for America (HAA), the legislative activism component of the Heritage Foundation, the nation's largest conservative think tank. Jessica Anderson leads HAA today.

Vought and Anderson have crossed paths before.

Before her current tenure at HAA, Anderson was OMB associate director of Intergovernmental Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, where she worked briefly with Vought, then OMB's deputy director.

As HAA's executive director, Anderson heads a key group in a powerhouse coalition of conservative advocacy groups known as the 'Cut Red Tape Coalition.' …

The coalition wants to continue to expand after the CCP virus lockdown ends Trump policies, especially deregulation, that before the pandemic's onset gave the country its strongest economy in decades.

'Simplifying regulations and removing barriers to innovation helped build our juggernaut economy that preceded COVID-19 and will help bring us back,' CFG President David McIntosh said in an April 23 statement announcing the coalition.

'While liberals are pushing their big government agenda that will only create more dependency on government, this coalition is focused on getting government out of the way of job creators to reignite the economy,' said McIntosh, a former Republican congressman from Indiana, and White House adviser during the first Bush presidency.

Regulations are the biggest impediment to economic growth. They always have been. And while no one (including the president) wants dirty air and dirty water, the amount of regulations currently de-incentivizing economic growth are onerous and plentiful.

It’s way past time to get rid of most of them.

Then watch the economy grow. It’ll be like getting your Internet speed back.

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