By Duncan Smith

Former NYPD Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik appeared on C-SPAN last week and admitted that his “biggest fear” today is the rising tide of socialism, Marxism, and anarchy around the country.

'So I used to say to people, you know, somebody would ask me: what do you think the greatest threat is against this country as a law enforcement officer, and I would say, my biggest fear right now is global terrorism,' he said on Friday.

'That's what I used to say, and I believed that as somebody that oversaw the aftermath of the attack on New York City on 9/11, the aftermath of that attack, what we've gone through since with regard to terrorism, I strongly believe that, but I have to tell you today, that's not my biggest fear for this country,' Kerik said.

'My biggest fear is this socialist, communist movement if you will, this surge of socialism that they're trying to push in this country to diminish the Constitution, diminish people's rights, to take over towns like what's happened in Seattle,' the former police commissioner said.


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