By Duncan Smith

Cowardly Republicans have been largely silent as anarchy spreads from city to city, including Washington, D.C.

Conservatives like Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has openly called them out for not speaking out against the wanton destruction in what has clearly become a cultural revolution launched by the Left.

Well, one of them finally spoke up on Tuesday — Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana, the home state of Vice President Mike Pence.

But instead of standing with the president and the tens of millions of Americans itching for someone in power to ‘do something’ about what’s happening to America, Braun has decided to join Democrats and their anarchist allies to throw police officers under the bus.

As The Daily Caller reports:

Republican Indiana Sen. Mike Braun will unveil legislation Tuesday to scale back qualified immunity for police, making him the first Republican Senator to do so. 

Braun's bill will tackle the controversial qualified immunity doctrine, which renders officers immune from civil suits unless the officer violates a 'clearly established' right that a 'reasonable officer' who was on the scene would have known. 

Under the senator's Reforming Qualified Immunity Act, officials would only be allowed to claim qualified immunity if their conduct had previously been authorized or had been found Constitutional by a court of law, the Washington Post reported. Under the legislation, an official's good faith belief that their conduct was lawful would not render them immune to a civil suit. 

'When I talk about reforming it, it's this simple: make sure that in these egregious instances, that there is accountability, and you're not protected, just like you aren't in other elements of society,' the senator said according to The Hill

He added that reforms need to be made without 'hampering already the toughest job that's out there with frivolous lawsuits.'

'I think that can be done,' he said. 'I'm for anything that enhances personal responsibility, accountability, and transparency.'

Qualified immunity has been part of a larger conversation about race relations and police brutality following nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died May 25 in police custody.

House Democrats and Senate Republicans have both introduced police reform bills. The Democrats' bill includes qualified immunity reforms, but the GOP bill does not, The Hill reported. 

He’s for ‘anything that enhances personal responsibility, accountability, and transparency’ — for police officers, at a time when cops are on the verge of mass walk-outs because they’re sick and tired of being put in impossible situations only to be betrayed by people (like Braun) who are supposed to be on their side.

Democrats are the ones mostly pushing for qualified immunity to be removed altogether, and as usual, a coward Republican is the first to open the door.

This is an outrage. Cops are literally battling dirtbag Leftists within site of the U.S. Capitol, and here comes Braun, ready to throw them to the barbarians at the gate.

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