By Duncan Smith

Once upon a time, a musician or a band would have been ecstatic if one of their songs was highlighted on a national stage, but these are not normal times.

During his Tulsa rally on Saturday, the campaign of President Donald Trump played “I Won’t Back Down” — a hit song some years back by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

It is certain appropriate, considering the fact that President Trump has been under criminal assault by the Deep State, the socialist Left, and the garbage media since he descended the elevator at Trump Tower in New York City in June 2015.

But because they are ‘petty,’ the family of the late rocker issued a statement Sunday that the Trump campaign isn’t welcome to highlight one of the band’s songs on a national stage.

As Reuters reported:

Tom Petty’s family slammed President Donald Trump for using the late rock star’s hit “I Won’t Back Down” at his sparsely attended rally in Tulsa, sending the campaign a cease and desist warning.

“Trump was in no way authorized to use this song to further a campaign that leaves too many Americans and common sense behind,” the late rocker’s family said on Twitter late Saturday.

“Tom Petty would never want a song of his used for a campaign of hate,” said the tweet signed by Petty’s widow Dana, ex-wife Jane and his daughters Adria and Annakim. “Both the late Tom Petty and his family firmly stand against racism and discrimination of any kind.”

Well, gosh, President Trump and the vast majority of his supporters are also against ‘hate’ and ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination of any kind,’ but the angry, unhinged Left has screamed this at and about Trump and his supporters for so long they’re too invested be honest and truthful about the man at this point.

And shame on the Petty family for being so petty.

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