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By Duncan Smith

The slow suicide of Western civilization is continuing, as evidenced by continued hysteria and lunacy following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

We feel obliged to always include this caveat whenever we discuss Floyd because we don’t ever want anyone to think we’re less than compassionate or that we were not horrified, like most rational people, at the manner in which he died.

But having said that, his death, while tragic, should not be used as an excuse for his supporters to do less than they can in order to improve their lot in life and the country (and world) in general.

And yet, they are taking full advantage of the tragedy to engage in behavior that, frankly, is as inappropriate as it is outrageous.

Worse, the ‘woke’ liberal Left is enabling such behavior.

Red State reports:

In a sign the Black Lives Matter movement is spreading around the globe, leaders at Oxford University have been forced to get woke.

Oxford University has notified students that if any of them are 'affected' by George Floyd's death, they can apply for special consideration in their exams, the Evening Standard reported.

The school's vice-chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson, wrote 'an open letter, signed by the heads of Oxford's colleges, following pressure in recent weeks to act.'

She thanked students for ‘alerting her to 'the traumatic effect of the brutality which killed George Floyd,' calling it 'a manifestation of institutionalised racism'.

'Any student taking university assessments who feels their performance has been affected should submit a self-assessment mitigating circumstances form after their final examination or assessment,” she added.

She also told students that 'Heads of house will alert tutors and welfare staff to the potential need for workload to be cut' and 'urge colleagues to reach out' to students.

Well, gosh, who wouldn’t take advantage of this free ride?

Red State added:

Richardson's letter had been in response to an open letter from students claiming that the leadership of Oxford University had 'failed to address its institutional racism.' Oxford has received criticism for their traditionally low acceptance rate of black students.

The straw man argument the Left, and in particular, Left-wing minorities, always make is that ‘low participation rates automatically equals racism.’ It’s not true; equal opportunity is not the same as equality of outcome.

Precious few people, regardless of race, can get into top-rated institutions like Oxford or Harvard or Yale, and if students are being admitted because of their skin color rather than their academic achievement then that’s every bit as racist.

All that said, the notion that Oxford students — the top of the top — deserve to be coddled like this is absurd. What’s next, ‘special consideration’ for students who are ‘affected’ by having to take a full class load and normal tests?

But hey, we’ve got a civilization to dismantle.

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