By Duncan Smith

Because today’s ‘woke’ Left is all about destroying our culture, heritage, and history, some things that have been around for more than a century now, and have survived this long because they were once universally accepted, have got to go.

Like that ‘racist’ pancake syrup Aunt Jemima.

Though the owners of the brand, Quaker Oats (and isn’t that bigoted too?), changed Aunt Jemima’s appearance some time ago — by removing her ‘mammy’ headscarf — now, in the age of Black Lives Matter and all of that, it’s time for the name of the syrup to go away, too.

Only, not everyone is pleased by the Quaker Oats ‘wokeness,’ and that included the family of the woman originally depicted by the brand.

Big League Politics notes:

An East Texas family with a relative who portrayed Aunt Jemima isn't happy that the brand has decided to rename the iconic maple syrup, arguing that the move is erasing their legacy of their deceased great-cousin, Lillian Richard.

Richard portrayed Aunt Jemima in a series of Quaker Oats company promotions, advertisements, and real life events in a career that lasted from the 1920's to 50's. She later became a goodwill ambassador for the town of Hawkins, Texas, which was designated the pancake capital of Texas in 1995 in her honor.

Vera Harris, a family historian for the Richard family of Hawkins, explained why the family opposes Quaker Oats' decision to rename the maple syrup brand in a discussion with WBTV.

“A lot of people want it removed. We want the world to know that our cousin Lillian was one of the Aunt Jemima's and she made an honest living,” Harris said.

“We would ask that you reconsider just wiping all that away. There wasn't a lot of jobs, especially for black women back in that time. She was discovered by Quaker Oats to be their brand person,” Harris added.

“She was considered a hero on Hawkins, and we are proud of that. We do not want that history erased,” she said

“I wish we would take a breath, and not just get rid of everything. Because good or bad, it is our history. Removing that wipes away a part of me. A part of each of us. We are proud of our cousin,” said Harris, who added that she also opposes renaming U.S. military bases including those named after Confederate generals because she’s had family members who have served in the armed forces.

The family historian makes several good points that the wokemeisters in pop culture and at Quaker Oats obviously don’t care about, and that’s the history of what her cousin accomplished.

It was seen as demeaning or subservient; the woman was making bank back in the day as a spokeswoman for a brand that she helped turn into a household name.

How many other Americans can make that same claim? Precious few.

This woke business has to end. People need to grow a pair, put their foot down, and proudly proclaim that we can preserve our history and our product names without being ‘racists.’

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