By Duncan Smith

The Left’s cry bullies tried hard but they failed to prevent President Donald Trump from holding his first campaign rally in months, which is scheduled for Saturday in Tulsa.

Claiming that coronavirus is going to kill us all if we don’t continue to engage in social distancing (unless, of course, you’re rioting or attending a George Floyd protest), Tulsa residents went to court to try to prevent the rally from happening.

But, as Newsmax reports;

President Donald Trump can go ahead with plans for a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday, after the state Supreme Court rejected a plea by residents who said holding the event at a 19,000-seat indoor arena posed too big a risk of spreading the coronavirus.

In a one-page ruling, the court said Friday the residents had failed to make a legal argument for the rally to be stopped.

In a short concurring opinion, one justice said there already are state guidelines in place to help public venues decide how to operate as businesses reopen.

Supporters of the president have been lining up for days to attend the Saturday rally, Trump has boasted that close to a million people have sought tickets to this, his first political rally since the pandemic began months ago.

According to The Hill, Oklahoma has reported more than 800 new coronavirus cases in the past two days, marking a significant spike ahead of the massive rally.

Over just the past week, cases have increased by about 90%, the Hill said.

You know what else has spiked over the past few weeks? Coronavirus testing.

Oh, and by the way, few people who contract coronavirus have to be hospitalized for it; even fewer die.

And there’s the fact that Trump isn’t twisting anyone’s arms to come to the rally (though by last count more than 1 million people wanted to).

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