By Duncan Smith

Portland, Ore., has been a hotbed of Left-wing Marxist anarchy, where Antifa members generally run rampant and are pretty much free to dominate the streets of the city whenever they take a liking.

And they’ve been empowered by none other than the city’s Leftist mayor, Ted Wheeler, who once reportedly ordered police to stand down in the face of an Antifa protest.

But on Wednesday, he was calling police — to clear an ‘autonomous zone’ that the little anarchists had set up in front of his house.

My, how attitudes change when you are the one who is suddenly under siege — proving again that appeasing Marxist-anarchist Leftists is a pointless endeavor.

The Epoch Times reported:

Portland's police department cleared an autonomous zone near what they believed was Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's apartment on Thursday.

Local stations KATU, Q13, and MyNorthwest published footage and photos of police dismantling what appears to be barricades set up by anonymous zone demonstrators.

The department wrote Thursday that it 'is declaring a civil disturbance and unlawful assembly from NW 11th east to NW Park Ave and NW Irving south to NW Everett St,' but it didn't mention the anonymous zone.

'If you do not live inside a dwelling in this area, leave immediately to the west. If you do not leave you are subject to arrest or use of force,' said police on Twitter.

The so-called Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front posted on Instagram that the area was called the Patrick Kimmons Autonomous Zone, named after a man who was shot and killed by Portland officers in 2018. KATU reported that the group used pallets, boards, and dumpsters to block the area—similar to a move employed by demonstrators who set up the 'Capitol Hill Organized Protest' in downtown Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood earlier this month.

According to photos published by KATU, the blockade had an anarchy 'A' symbol, as well as 'BLM' spray, painted on it.

Protesters told Q13 that they gathered there after the City Council wouldn't agree to their demands. The council voted to cut about $16 million from the police budget, but demonstrators wanted a $50 million cut.

'I do not want an autonomous zone set up in Portland,' he told reporters near his home. 'I'm watching what's happening in Seattle, and I'm not impressed. I think it's a distraction from the larger movement, and the movement is justice for black people.'

Save it, Ted. Pandering hasn’t gotten you as far as you think it has so far, so there’s no sense in continuing a failed political strategy.

Why don’t you try law-and-order for a change?

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