By Duncan Smith

So, what happens when a bad cop kills a black man? Well, if it happens in Minneapolis, Minn., you take to the streets and burn down or destroy half your city.

Because that’ll fix racial injustice.

Something like 99.99 percent of Americans agree that what happened to George Floyd was a travesty. But the vast majority of Americans also agree that destroying a city over the injustice is also uncalled for.

A new analysis finds that rioters destroyed or damaged at least 1,500 buildings and homes in Minneapolis in protests that erupted following the death of Floyd.

Conservative Review notes:

Lost in the rose-colored reporting on the modern-day pilgrims and pioneers taking to the streets, Minneapolis officials posted a map of 700 buildings that have been partially or fully destroyed throughout the city, many of them housing multiple businesses. Overall, across the broader Twin Cities area, more than 1,500 buildings have been vandalized or looted or had doors and windows smashed.

Oh, and for the record, much of the damage was, um, ‘racially disproportionate,’ as CR noted further:

Black lives matter? Really? Well, as the city officials noted, the damage was almost all in 'minority communities.' This disproportionately affects black business owners and consumers alike. It will permanently run down property values and, in the long run, ensure that there is no investment in these neighborhoods.

This is a reflection of what is happening in the rampant anarchy and the war on cops. The same way more black people become victims of crime when the police are forced to cower in their stations, more black businesses are destroyed and the quality of minority neighborhoods plummets thanks to the hands-off approach of cops.

Now that police in the city of destruction are essentially neutered, crime is skyrocketing. Shootings are more rampant, as are carjacking and robberies. Even as officers attempt to administer NARCAN to overdose victims on the street, they are attacked with rocks and bottles.

Meanwhile, other major cities are experiencing similar unrest, as police are effectively thrown under the bus by cowards in city halls and city council chambers.

The rule of law is being systematically disassembled all over the country. Soon, something much more sinister than a couple of bad cops will take the place of neutered law enforcement.

And we guarantee that the same people calling for ‘defunding’ the police are going to like what replaces them a whole lot less.

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