By Duncan Smith

One by one, the unhinged Left is ruining the greatest American cities.

Seattle’s Democrat mayor, Jenny Durkan, announced Wednesday that she is forbidding police from entering an encampment that radical Marxists have taken over and blocked off unless there is a “significant life-safety” issue taking place, whatever that means.

The Epoch Times has more:

Those issues 'may include an active shooter incident, an assault, a structure fire, significant medical emergency (i.e. heart attack, stroke, trauma) and other incidents that threaten a person's life safety,' according to a statement from the office of Durkan, a Democrat.

A group of activists took over an area comprising multiple blocks in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington state's largest city earlier this month.

Video footage showing fights, people being mobbed, and robberies of businesses in and near the area has circulated widely online as city officials resist calls to use force to deal with the situation. When one shop, Car Tender, was stolen from Sunday night, police officers never responded in person despite being called repeatedly.

An internal message circulated to police officers last week displayed a map showing the autonomous zone in red.

Officers shouldn't respond to calls within the red zone 'unless the response is to a mass casualty event,' such as an active shooter incident or a structural fire that's likely to endanger lives, the message stated.

“We do not want to escalate under the current situation any potential danger to the community and put them unnecessarily in harm's way,” Chief of Police Carmen Best said.

Of course not. Better to let thugs and lawbreakers — and petulant Leftists — take over large parts of your city instead, so they can threaten the livelihoods of businesses, abuse others, and paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ murals on the taxpayer-funded streets.

Here’s the kicker, though: If Seattle residents continue voting for these lunatics, then they’ll get the Mad Max city they deserve.

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