By Duncan Smith

You know, if everything is racist…then nothing is. More than one person has said that recently.

And there is good reason for it

While there are legitimate improvements we can make as a society, we must understand that as humans we will never be a perfect society. We just have to do the best we can, and that all begins on an individual level.

Racism is real. It’s not a one-way street; people of all ethnicities can be and are racists. So knowing that, what sense does it make to complain about the color of skin three cartoon elves have on the box of a popular breakfast cereal?

Is there nothing else more important as it pertains to improving race relations than this?

Fiona Onasanya, a former member of the Labour Party who served in the UK's parliament (and became the second ever to be kicked out) wants to know why the ‘dudes’ on the Rice Crispies box are white but the character on Cocoa Pops is a monkey.

Because it’s gotta be racism, right?

Neither character is really human. In fact, there really are no such things as elves. So what gives?

This is what makes ‘progress’ in race relations difficult. It requires being serious first and foremost.

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