By Duncan Smith

If ever there was a more petulant authoritarian than the Left-wing Democratic mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, we haven’t seen that person yet.

On Monday, just a day after Mayor Hypocrite marched ‘in solidarity’ with Black Lives Matter supporters, coronavirus social distancing rules have suddenly become a thing again. As such, Hizzoner apparently ordered a popular park used by Brooklyn’s Jewish community closed.

And the gates welded shut.

Not even kidding.

For a Democrat, de Blasio makes a pretty good Nazi. His party treats Jewish people nearly the same as Hitler did in the early 1930s in the lead up to World War II and the Holocaust.

But a day ago, hey, social distancing was no big deal.

For perspective, this was no small march:

What a guy, this de Blasio. Hey, New Yorkers — had enough yet?

Wonder why anti-Semitism is so bad in the Big Apple?

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