By Duncan Smith

Without question, Dr. Ben Carson, the Health and Human Services secretary, is one of President Donald Trump’s better Cabinet picks.

A brilliant neurosurgeon and administration advocate, Carson’s soft-spoken, reasoned demeanor is a breath of fresh air in a sometimes-chaotic White House.

On Monday, the HUD secretary addressed the president’s disdain for professional athletes who take a knee to protest during the playing of the National Anthem, saying he will “work with” Trump to address it and that the president eventually will “get there.”

But that said, Carson added that athletes have some responsibility, too.

Fox News reported:

Carson, Trump's only black cabinet member, said he believes most players are kneeling to protest police brutality rather than to disrespect the flag, but added that players need to make that clear.

“A lot of people are under the impression that they’re kneeling because they don’t respect our national anthem or they don’t respect the flag or what it stands for. And in fact, I don’t think that’s the reason that most of them are kneeling. I think most of them are kneeling because you know, they want to protest some brutality in the police forces. They need to make that very clear,” Carson said on 'The Hugh Hewitt Show.”

He added: “And of course, now that that has been brought to national attention, I’m not sure if it needs to continue.”

Asked whether he might convince the president not to get upset over players kneeling during the anthem, Carson replied: 'Well, I don't think he has manifested as much animosity in that region lately. And I think we just continue to work with him. He'll get there.'

It’s not just the president who is upset by players protesting during the National Anthem. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), tweeted last week after U.S. Soccer reversed an earlier ruling disallowing players to take a knee that anyone who plays for the United States’ national team ought to have to stand for the anthem.

As for the president, he’s been against players kneeling from the outset during the anthem because he — correctly — believes it’s disrespectful.

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