By Duncan Smith

Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s misnamed “Reliable Sources” program, is a loathsome little hypocrite, but that’s precisely why he fits in so well at Fake News Central.

During a contentious segment with Jenna Ellis, a lawyer for President Donald Trump, Stelter got immediately triggered with the “fake news” label mostly because the truth hurts.

He lashed out at Ellis, saying that in 10 to 20 years her kids and grandkids were long to look back on her work for President Trump with disgust — itself a disgusting thing to say (and what will his kids and grandkids think about his work for CNN in a couple decades?)

“As they neared Stelter's petulant attacks from the gutter, he threw a tantrum about the President blasting Comcast, the parent company of MSNBC and NBC News. Of course, he cited a former Obama administration official to preface his outrage,” NewsBusters noted.


Let's put on screen what Norm Eisen told me. Norm was an Obama White House aid specializing in ethics, he's now at the Brookings Institution. He said: 'It’s an abuse of power for an American president to use the awesome authority of the Oval Office to target an American company. He said it’s even worse, because here he is retaliating against the exercise of the First Amendment-protected constitutional rights.'

Is he kidding? Because it was Barack Obama’s administration that spied on American journalists and the former president himself who frequently attacked Fox News (because they are accurate).

“Oh, now you're going to the personal attacks,” Ellis said after Stelter mentioned kids and grandkids. “That's when you know you lost the debate, Brian. You’re not a journalist, Brian. You’re an activist. That’s the problem. You have an agenda, and your agenda is anti-Trump.”

Watch, via MRCTV:

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