By Duncan Smith

The divide between Left and Right in America is now so pronounced and so wide that it’s impossible to bridge, as evidenced by a short documentary from filmmaker Ami Horowitz.

The documentarian released a video last week in which he cited genuine facts and statistics disproving the Left-wing lie that “all cops are racists,” policing is “systemically racist,” and that “cops kill more blacks every year than any other race.”

Literally none of those claims are true. But when Horowitz attempted to educate Black Lives Matter protesters with the facts, he was rounding dismissed, insulted, and told ‘where to go,’ so to speak.

The demonstrators did not want to hear what he had to say because their minds are already made up that he’s wrong, they’re right, and there’s no discussing it.

Even though they aren’t right.

The Daily Wire notes:

Horowitz begins the video by explaining that statistics show more armed and unarmed white people are killed by police each year than any other race.

'The protests that have convulsed our nation are based on the premise that the police are racist writ large and that they target black people for death. But the statistics don't support that conclusion,' Horowitz says.

'In fact, the data shows the exact opposite. According to The Washington Post and a new joint study by Michigan State University and the University of Maryland, which tracked every police shooting in every precinct across the country, it found that more white people are killed by police, both armed and unarmed, and controlling for crime rates, white people are disproportionately killed by officers. In fact, when there is a police shooting, black citizens are more likely to have been shot by black officers,' he adds.

'I'm getting angry, I don't want to talk anymore,' one white woman says after Horrowitz informs her that most black people killed by police are killed by black police officers.

When Horowitz tells one group of white protesters that there is police brutality but it's not based on race, one says 'Hey, there's a bunch of d—ks over there you can go suck!'

'Do you care about the data?' he asks the group.

'Did you hear us, we said f—k off!' another person tells him.

'Your data can go suck the same d—k that you're gonna go suck,' another person says.


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