By Duncan Smith

Democrats continue to dishonor the memory of George Floyd with disgusting political opportunism, and one of party’s resident experts is Gretchen Whitmer, the Michigan governor who is continuing to keep her state and her people locked down over phony coronavirus concerns.

On Wednesday, in an interview with The Root, a publication aimed at a black audience (itself a racist construct because imagine the outcry on the Left if there was a magazine strictly for white people), Whitmer was asked about the “mostly white” armed demonstrators at the state capitol protesting the lockdowns.

Here’s how the exchange went, according to Breitbart News:

Reporter Terrell Jermaine Starr brought up the 'mostly white' armed protesters who entered the state capitol as legislators were recently debating whether to extend Whitmer's state of emergency order.

'It is lawful to bring a gun into the capitol,' Whitmer said, adding she doesn't control the capitol grounds.

The capitol complex is protected by the Michigan State Police, which also provides her security.

The governor said she prefers the law be changed to ban firearms from the building.

'How do you respond to people who say that if there were a group of black men who stormed the state capitol that they would have been dead?' Starr asked.

'I understand why people would say that,' Whitmer said grimly.

'And I don't disagree.'

That is an unbelievable repulsive and divisive thing to say, but of course, the question was loaded in the first place. Armed protesters opposed to the ongoing lockdown for no reason didn’t “storm” the Capitol building.

Because if they had, state police no doubt would have opened fire on them to protect the grounds and the seat of government, no matter what color their skin was. And they’ve have been in the right; you can protest and you can protest armed, but you can’t storm buildings.

Like Left-wing mobs stormed the Seattle City Hall building on Tuesday, for instance.

Whitmer is a disgrace. Where is her outrage over real damage being done to the capital of Lansing by rioters who were storming buildings and destroying them?

The pathetic excuse for a leader should be recalled by voters immediately.

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