By Duncan Smith

A new revealing poll provides a shocking glimpse into the fear that is gripping our country — or purports to, if it is accurate.

According to a just-released NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, eight-in-10 Americans feel like America is “out of control.”

Breitbart News adds:

The survey asked respondents how they felt about the state of the country in recent days, and 80 percent said it was 'Out of control,' while 15 percent said it was 'Under control,' page nine of the document read.

Despite recent unrest, the unemployment rate dropped to 13.3 percent last month from a record high of 14.7 percent in April. Payrolls also unexpectedly rose by 2.5 million workers: 'Economists estimated the unemployment rate would rise to nearly 20 percent in May and that the economy would shed an additional 8 million jobs.'

The New York Post notes further:

The final year of President Trump's first term has been incredibly challenging, calling on him to handle the response to the global coronavirus pandemic as well as national protests following the death of George Floyd in police custody. As such, the poll covered several topics, including approval ratings over Trump's handling of the current crises and election preferences between Trump and Joe Biden.

Most strikingly, the poll indicated that 46 percent of voters believed the current state of the economy was 'poor' and 59 percent of voters were more concerned with the actions of police following Floyd's death than they were with the 'protests that have turned violent' – a concern for only 27 percent of voters.

Why does this matter?

Well, because as history buffs and folks who were alive back then will recall, the country was in similar upheaval and turmoil in the spring and summer of 1968 in the lead-up to a presidential election.

Because of the burgeoning civil rights movement and widespread opposition to Vietnam, then-President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat, announced he would not seek reelection (because he didn’t think he’d win).

The election went to Richard Nixon, a Republican who promised law and order and withdrawal from Vietnam.

The point is, turmoil can feed into voters’ fears that things are spiraling out of control under the current leadership, and that ‘change’ is necessary to ‘get things straightened out.’

There are a couple of major differences this time around to note, however.

One, President Donald Trump isn’t going to step aside; he’s in it to win it and he remains popular when he’s out and about.

Two, his likely opponent is Joe Biden, who wouldn’t have been the nominee were it not for Democrats’ resignation that no matter what they did or who they ran Trump is going to win.

Time will tell, of course, but Americans, when they get spooked, often look for new leadership.

As to the lack of depth to the alleged ‘massive social change’ currently taking place following the George Floyd killing, you can get a good perspective on that — a real perspective — from Breitbart’s John Nolte.

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