By Duncan Smith

Tarrant County, Texas Sheriff Bill Waybourn ripped the “defund the police” movement that has suddenly sprung up among Left-wing groups calling for ‘change’ in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis cops earlier this month.

In an interview with The Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill, Waybourn said if taken to the extreme and police departments are actually dismantled, there would be “total chaos.”

“It would be total chaos,” he said. 'Everybody would be on their own. I would say at that point the Second Amendment would become the most important amendment in the world.'

The sheriff also discussed the ongoing riots and protests related, or loosely related at this point, to Floyd’s death.

'I think that they're angry, and when I say angry, I mean they're angry because at a moment, they're saying hey, we were standing with you and then suddenly we become your enemy,' said Waybourn. 'We agree with you that we want justice in this case.'

So do most Americans. But ‘justice’ doesn’t happen when you’re burning and looting and stealing and beating up people at random. That’s anarchy, and that’s when law enforcement is needed the most.

In fact, there are many who believe the Left is pushing to reduce police forces around the country precisely so they cause more mayhem. We happen to be in that corner.

“The breakdown of civic order in cities has earned the approval of almost every functionary of power in the country, as the Biden campaign’s donations to a bail fund prove,” write Washington Examiner columnists Joseph Simonson and Jerry Dunleavy this week.

“Once, left-wing radicals feared that when they looked at the establishment, they were seeing their future. Now, they're seeing their reflection.”

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