By Duncan Smith

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, the first in what is expected to be a line of witnesses who will testify about their role(s) in the greatest political scandal in the country’s history: Spygate.

There were a number of revelations that stemmed from Rosenstein’s testimony earlier in the day, but one of the most striking is his admission that he really didn’t have any evidence — thus had no reason — to appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel to probe Trump-Russia ‘collusion,’ which of course, now we know was never a ‘thing.’

“Rosenstein just said he did not know that investigators by the early January 2017 asked for Flynn to be removed from the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. He signed off on these warrants and applications but was never informed of those critical facts,” constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley tweeted during the hearing.

“Rosenstein insists that the information in appointing Mueller was based on that incomplete information at the time. He admitted that by August 2017 when he signed off on the Mueller investigation there was no evidence at all of collusion with the Russians,” he added.

Well then, if he didn’t have any information or evidence suggesting that there was collusion, why did he appoint Mueller? We don’t know. That question remains unanswered.

But there were additional findings as well — namely, that it appears he wasn’t really in charge of the probe after it began, that Mueller and his Democrat-donor prosecutors pretty much had free reign to do whatever they pleased.

“Rosenstein is absolutely imploding in this hearing. The most interesting take away is he's not even trying to defend himself other than ‘dog ate my homework,'” ‘Undercover Huber’ wrote on his Twitter account. “And the most consequential thing that is going to come out of this is that Team Mueller wrote their own scope memo. Not only did they have no adult supervision, they were supervising themselves.”

Others made some observations as well.

Bonchie at Red State adds that Rosenstein isn’t a victim in all Spygate but one of the integral parts that made the scandal move:

Rosenstein is not a victim here. He was intimately involved and his attempts to straddle the fence are weak and pathetic. His handling of the Mueller investigation was not simply ignorance on his part. We know that he was well aware of the conspiracy theories floating around given he expressed a desire to wear a wire while talking to the President. He didn't think to actually gather evidence of such? That makes no sense at all because it's clearly not true.

Rosenstein also claims that he would not have signed the Page FISA if he knew about the lack of evidence and that the Steele Dossier was discredited. Numerous DOJ officials are documented as being aware of the dossier's problems at the time. The idea that Rosenstein didn't know doesn't pass muster, nor is it an excuse for his lack of due diligence on such a high profile matter.

It’s crazy what happened to President Donald Trump and his campaign, and even crazier that the attempt to derail him continued after he beat Hillary Clinton.

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